Independent Medical Education Activity

The Binaytara foundation (BTF) is committed to preserving the scientific integrity and educational value of its independent medical education activities and medical conferences. Development and execution of the BTF’s educational conferences may not be influenced by any individual or entity with current or past business relationship with a commercial supporter. 

Commercial Support

All pledges of support must be confirmed by written advance notice of the intended support. The terms, conditions, and purpose of the support must be documented by a signed letter of agreement between the supporting organization, and the Binaytara Foundation. Terms and conditions of support may not require the BTF to accept the supporter’s advice or services, including but not limited to the content, speakers or invitee selection, or other aspects of the conference. Supporters are entitled to review the budgets for the IME activities they provide support to.

The BTF invites organizations to support and participate in this conference in a manner that complies with the Standards for Integrity and Independence in Accredited Continuing Education sent forth by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME). See below for the ACCME standards.

Any funds provided in support of an independent medical education activity must be made payable to the Binaytara Foundation. The Binaytara Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established with a goal of improving healthcare in resource-poor communities and to improve cancer care worldwide by educating, advocating, and innovating.

Disclosure requirements & Conflict Mitigation 

All organizing committee members, faculty, presenters, moderators, and those involved in planning and implementation of the Binaytara Foundation’s educational activities must comply with the financial relationship disclosure requirements and all conflict of interest must be mitigated before the planner or presenter’s participation in the activity.

No employee of a commercial entity may serve in the planning committee or as a presenter at our CME accredited educational activities.

Any financial relationship of planners and presenters will be disclosed to participants before the presentations or the start of the activity.

Commercial Exhibits

All product promotions must take place in the designated exhibit areas or “virtual exhibit room” that is separate from the “meeting room” where the Independent Medical Education (IME) activity is held. Presentation of promotional materials, including standards related to product-specific advertisement and other product promotion, before, during, and after this conference must conform to all applicable continuing medical education (“CME”) standards set by ACCME. Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations is required of every organization that participates and or supports the Independent Medical Educational activities organized by the Binaytara Foundation. 

View the ACCME Standards below