Poster Abstract Guidelines:

  • Printed Poster Dimensions: All posters should be in LANDSCAPE (horizontal) format and no larger than 60 inches wide by 40 inches high. This is the size of the poster board. Do not exceed the size of the board.
  • Poster Title: Please include the title on the top of your poster. 
  • Poster Presentation: Please be present in front of your poster for the duration of the poster presentation timeline.
  • Contact Information: Please clearly print 1 email address on your poster for attendees to refer to should they have any questions or comments. If you do not wish to print your own email address, please list another email address for an appropriate contact person for your abstract.
  • Session Guidelines and Poster Hanging: Posters may be hung two hours prior to the poster session. 
    • Push Pins will be available onsite at each board to hang your poster.
    • You will NOT be allowed to use glue, tape, paint, or staples on the poster boards.
    • You may distribute handouts of your poster if you prefer.
    • Remove your poster at the end of the scheduled session.
    • If you do not remove your poster during the removal time, your poster will be automatically removed and discarded. 

Oral Abstract Presentations Guidelines:

  • PowerPoint Slide Presentation: All Oral Abstract Presenters should prepare a PowerPoint slide deck to deliver with their presentation.
  • Presentation Time: Presentation: 12 Minutes, 7 minutes of presentation and 5 minutes of questions.
  • Multiple Presenters: Please designate 1 presenter; we do not allow multiple presenters.
  • Disclosure Slide: Please include a disclosure statement at the beginning of your presentation
  • Slideshow deadline: Please submit your presentation 2 weeks prior to the conference.
  • Presentation Delivery: You will use a clicker to advance your slides
  • Speaker Notes: Please be sure to print any notes you expect to need, as the “Presenter” view with notes will not be available.