International Journal of Cancer Care and Delivery (IJCCD) is an open-access peer-reviewed online journal that publishes a wide range of scientific articles focused on improving the care of cancer patients by minimizing or eliminating barriers to care delivery. We invite researchers, clinicians, and innovators from anywhere in the world who have designed, implemented, or evaluated innovative systems, processes, guidelines, technologies, clinical audits and quality improvement projects to submit related articles for review and publication. The journal encourages the submission of high-quality manuscripts covering all aspects of cancer care and care delivery.


Significant gaps exist globally regarding access to health care. In the last few decades, there has been significant development in the field of oncology leading to discoveries and approval of numerous treatment options. However, almost 80% of the world’s population especially in low and middle income countries does not have access to these treatment options. Even in high-income countries, cancer patients from various socio-economic, geographic, racial, and ethnic backgrounds face unique barriers to care that lead to disparities.

Each day, cancer care providers around the world create and implement innovative, patient-focused approaches to tackle those challenges and to deliver appropriate care to their patients. IJCCD aims to provide those everyday innovators as well as seasoned researchers and scholars a platform to share these unique approaches they have developed and implemented in order to overcome barriers . The real world evidence on health disparities might help guide health care strategies for key stakeholders. Health care disparities in vulnerable and underserved populations impair the progress of society as a whole. The journal intends to publish manuscripts that will guide researchers and health care strategists to promote health equity worldwide.

IJCCD accepts original research, review articles, case reports (How I/we navigated barriers to care delivery), opinions/commentaries, letters to the editor, editorials, and special articles that inform and educate clinicians and healthcare leaders about innovative, sustainable, scalable solutions to problems that create barriers to care. The IJCCD editorial board encourages cancer care professionals around the world to share the unique approaches and processes they implement at their practice to overcome everyday barriers to care delivery.

Each article will be evaluated on its scientific merit; case reports focusing on individual care-delivery situations will be evaluated based on their generalizability and applicability to other settings.

Conferences convened by the Binaytara foundation will be covered in the journal with take home messages.