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  • Email:
  • Phone: 425-361-0029(Please leave a voicemail if no answer. We respond to all voicemails via email. Therefore, please spell your email address and include the name/city of the conference you are inquiring about when leaving a voicemail.)

Sponsorships & Prospectus Questions

How do I reserve a display table or find out about sponsorship opportunities at a specific conference?

I filled out the sponsorship form several days ago, but I still have not received the prospectus.

  • Please email us which conference(s), and we will send you the sponsorship packet. The sponsorship form should be filled out once your company has approved your display request.

What are the different sponsorship levels?

  • In general, there are tiered sponsorships, table-top exhibits, and product theater & other marketing opportunities at each of our conferences. The Sponsorship levels and benefits can vary by conference and location. The different Sponsorship levels and benefits associated with each level of sponsorship are outlined in the prospectus.

Do you offer product theater opportunities?

  • Yes, we offer product theater opportunities at our conferences. Please contact us to learn if we still have a product theater opportunity available at the conference you are interested in.

How do I know if you are still accepting exhibit/sponsorship at a conference I want to participate in?

  • If exhibits/sponsorships are sold out, we typically update the conference webpage to reflect this. However, in some cases, this may not happen. Please contact us to confirm that an exhibit/sponsorship opportunity is available at a conference.

I learned about the conference late and may not be able to send the exhibit payment before the conference; will it be okay if you receive the exhibit payment after the conference?

  • In some circumstances, we may be able to accommodate payment after the conference. Please contact us to discuss this.

Where can I find information about the conferences in my region or territory?

  • Here is the list of all conferences we are organizing through November 2024. Please let us know which conferences you are interested in, and we will send you the prospectus. You can also check out our education academy website ( for the most updated agenda and other details. Not all conferences are on the website yet, and we are still working on the prospectus for some of the conferences later in the year, but we can send the prospectus to you when they are done.

How do I obtain a sponsorship prospectus?

  • Please email us the names of the conferences for which you would like the prospectus, and we will send those to you.

How do I obtain your W9?

  • Click here for the most updated version of our W9.

Can I sign up to display at more than one conference?

  • Absolutely! In fact, we also have bundled sponsorship/exhibit discounts starting at five conferences. Please let us know which conferences you are interested in displaying at, and I will send you the prospectus for those conferences.

My company is a small biotech. Do you offer discounts?

  • While there are no discounts related to the size of the company, we offer bundled sponsorship discounts. Please let us know if you want to explore the bundled sponsorship options.

I need a personalized letter of request (LOR) from your company.

  • Please let us know which conferences and what sponsorship level you would like to display at, and we will be able to send you a personalized letter of request.

I need you to sign the exhibit/sponsorship agreement (LOA); who do I send that to?

Payment Related Questions

Please ask your Accounts Payable to include the conference code or name of the conference, city, and date of the conference on every payment notice or check so that the payment can be applied to the correct activity.

What forms of payments do you accept?

  • We accept checks, ACH payments, and payments by credit card (with a 3% processing fee).

Where should we send the payment/check?

  • Please mail the check to the address on the W9. Include the name of the conference, city, and date of the conference on every payment notice or check so that the payment can be applied to the correct activity.

Can I pay for the exhibit/sponsorship with a credit card?

  • Yes, we accept credit card payments. However, a 3% processing fee is added to all credit card payments.

Do we still need to pay the exhibit fee if we reserve a table but cannot attend?

  • If you reserved an exhibit table but did not show up, you will still be billed for the exhibit. All exhibitors who reserve an exhibit table must pay the exhibit fees for that conference even if they are unable to exhibit due to personal reasons, travel or weather-related circumstances, illnesses, or any other reasons.
  • Additional exhibitor or attendee registration cancellations and refunds are subject to our registration cancellation policy: 50% refund if the cancellation is requested at least six weeks before the conference; no refunds if the cancellation is requested within six weeks of the conference.

Badges Related Questions

How many badges are included with an exhibit?

  • That depends on the type of exhibit. At most conferences, two badges are included with table-top exhibits. Please review the sponsorship prospectus for the specific conference for the actual number of badges included with the exhibit type you are interested in.

How much does an additional badge cost?

  • The cost of an additional exhibitor badge varies by conference. Please check the sponsorship prospectus for details.

How do I purchase an additional exhibitor badge for a collogue (or myself)?

Can we share badges and have more people attend without paying for additional badges?

  • Badge sharing is NOT permitted at our conferences. However, some exhibit types at certain conferences may have an option for personnel swapping. In such cases, personnel swapping is allowed only on different days—not on the same day—and no more than one person can swap. All additional personnel must purchase a badge to attend.
  • Each person attending or exhibiting at the conference must be pre-registered. If your exhibit type allows for personnel swapping, please let us know in advance which employees will be attending on which date. The person who is leaving must return their badge before the person who replaces them can pick up their badge.

How many exhibitors can be at a booth at any given time? 

  • Typically, the tabletop exhibits have a limit of two exhibitors who can be at a booth at any given time. If your company has purchased additional badges, exhibitors can rotate personnel who staff the booth.

I co-promote a product with a different company. My co-promoter has signed up for an exhibit table for the product, but they already have two reps who will use the exhibit badges. Can I register as an additional attendee and meet with providers to discuss our product?

  • The discounted additional exhibitor badge is associated with sponsoring companies and not with "products," so representatives of a company that is not a sponsor or an exhibitor are subject to the "non-sponsoring company" policy, even if their co-promoter has purchased an exhibit. 

I need to make changes to the company personnel who need badges.

  • Please email the names of the personnel who need badges to, and we will make that change for you. Review the prospectus for the number of badges that are included with your exhibit type. On-site personnel changes will NOT be permitted.  

Confirmed Exhibitor or Sponsor Questions

Do you share the HCP list with exhibitors?

  • We provide the names, credentials, and affiliations of registered HCPs to confirmed exhibitors. We do not provide the contact information of our attendees to anyone.

I am exhibiting at your upcoming meeting, but I have not received any information from you about setup times and other details.

  • We generally send out the setup emails two weeks before the meeting. If you have not received the email yet, we will resend it to you.

How do I ship my display to the venue?

  • Please check the prospectus for shipping details. If shipping details were not included in the prospectus, please send us an email, and we will email you the details. Shipping details are also included in the setup email sent to confirmed exhibitors about two weeks before the conference.

I saw a hotel booking link on the conference website/prospectus/email I received. Are vendors allowed to book at the group rate?

  • Yes, we negotiate a group rate with the venue to meet the accommodation needs of all our vendors, attendees, and faculty. Please check the group reservation deadline on the conference website to make sure you can still book at the group rate. If you booked outside of the group reservation or found a cheaper option on those dates at the same hotel’s website, please book your room and send us an email to inform us of the price difference.

CME/CE questions

I am a healthcare provider employed by the industry, and I want to participate as an attendee. Even if I am not involved in sales, do I still need to pay the industry registration fee?

  • Employees of the industry must pay the industry registration fees to attend our conferences regardless of their professional licenses or roles within the company. If your company is an exhibitor or sponsor of the conference, discounted registration options may be available.
  • Employees of a company that is not exhibiting or sponsoring the meeting may register to attend, but they are restricted from interacting with healthcare providers attending the conference. This restriction applies to all forms of interactions, including pleasantries. For more information on attending the conference as an industry employee, please review the industry attendee participation policy.

I am an exhibitor and also a healthcare provider. Can I claim CME/CE credits for my participation?

  • Participants of our continuing education programs may claim credits to the extent of their participation in the educational activity. If you participated in some or all of the CME/CE sessions, you may be eligible to claim credits. However, your exhibit registration doesn’t automatically register you to the CME/CE portal. Please create a free user account on our education academy ( before the conference and send us an email after you have attended the conference (within 3-days) letting us know of your interest in claiming CME. Once we verify your participation in the conference, we will send you information on how to claim credits.

Other Questions

I want to be added to the distribution list.

  • Please sign up here to be added to the distribution list.

I need to see the list of HCP attendees before I can sign up for the conference. Can you send me the registered attendee list?

  • We DO NOT share the attendee list before a company has purchased an exhibit or sponsorship.

I met with an HCP at your previous conference, but I lost their contact details. Can you send me their email address or phone number?

  • We do not share an attendee’s contact information with anyone.

I exhibited at your last conference. Can you forward my materials to the HCPs who attended the last conference?

  • We do not share or forward industry materials to our attendees. However, there are other marketing opportunities to reach the target attendees and share your message. Please contact us if you would like to discuss those opportunities.

Still have Questions?

Contact our sponsorship team via email or phone.

All calls and emails are responded to in the order they are received. We typically respond within one business day. To expedite the response, please include the name of the conference, date, and city with each call/email. Remember to spell your email address and full name when leaving a voicemail.